prenatal classes in Basel

In this Prenatal course we will pay attention to good daily activities in order to support easier birthing.

The exercises are directed towards making space for the baby during the pregnancy by using balance, gravity and movement.

The goal is to enable optimal positioning of the baby for the birth.

The prenatal course will give you tools to correct areas of discomfort.

It will also give you tools to strengthen the resources you already have.


           The prenatal course will also include:-

  • Competent information around pregnancy, the birth and the postnatal period.
  • Practical exercises that are useful prenataly, during labour and for the post natal period.
  • Spinning babies exercises.
  • Good orientation for the  partner, so that you can work together as a team with your baby during labour and after the birth.
  • Information about having a baby in Switzerland and the available support systems.
  • There will be enough time for questions and open discussions.

The number of participants is limited to 6 couples.


Course leader: Edna Back

Course fees: CHF 400.-
Health insurance benefit: CHF 150.–
Duration: Saturday and Sunday 9:30–16:00

Location: ElternBabyZentrum Basel, Rütlistrasse 51 A, 4051 Basel


  • 13.07.2019 / 14.07.2019  Fully booked
  • 10.08.2019 / 11.08.2019  Fully booked
  • 12.10.2019 / 13.10.2019
  • 09.11.2019 / 10.11.2019
  • 07.12.2019 / 08.12.2019


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