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General Terms and conditions


Payment of the course fee
After enrolling for a course, you will receive a letter with the dates of the class and also the paying-in form. The course fee is to be payed before the course starts. Once you have enrolled on a course you are obliged to pay the fee for that course. Non-payment of the course fee is not equivalent to withdrawal from the course.
Number of participants
In order to achieve the best possible results, we fix a maximum und a minimum number of participants for the course. If there are insufficient enrollments for a course, it will in general not take place and the course fee will be refunded.
Cancellation of an enrollment prior to the start of a course
Cancelling an enrollment involves administrative costs. Depending on the time of your cancellation, the course fee can be partially refunded. The conditions are the following:

  • If you wish to cancel your enrollment two weeks or more before the course, the course fee is reimbursed 50%.
  • If you cancel less than two weeks before the start of the course you will be liable for payment of the full course fee.

Unattended lessons
Unattended lessons cannot be made up. In principle, it is not possible to give a refund for any unattended lessons.

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